June 20th, 2024: Bangkok, Thailand— Mr. Khurram Younas, Director of Sea Squad Shipping, attended the WTC Alliance Annual Conference.

During the Conference, SeaSquad Shipping had an amazing time. Meeting with our international partners, exchanging ideas, and examining fresh possibilities for cooperation was a fantastic opportunity.

WTC Alliance conferences provide a convenient venue for a significant gathering of freight forwarders worldwide. Each conference has special advantages and commercial changes that are difficult to attain without in-person encounters.

It was a great chance to meet business executives, look into networking possibilities, and discuss cutting-edge logistics ideas that can revolutionize international operations.

The prospects for the future and the solid relationships we have formed at this event excite us. We appreciate every agent who came to see us and gave us their ideas.

We will keep advancing innovation and quality in the shipping and logistics sector together.

Why SeaSquad Shipping Should Be Your Ultimate Choice?

SeaSquad Shipping directs geographic hurdles and border constraints to provide affordable delivery choices, be it sea freight, air or road freight. They offer air and sea transportation customized to meet different countries’ particular needs.

• Efficient door-to-door shipping solutions

• Smooth customs clearance

• On-Time Delivery

• Transparent communication

• Dedicated customer service

We guarantee that your shipments will arrive on schedule and in excellent shape thanks to our presence in important nations and dedication to quality. Allow us to be your dependable company expansion partner.

What They Do Best

The best way to ship your cargo can be by sea freight if cost is important and timing is not of the essence. Since a normal cargo ship can hold about 18,000 containers, shipping your goods by sea is frequently the most economical option for international shipping.

• Full Container Load (FCL)

• Less than Container Load (LCL)

• Specialised Cargo Handling

• Customs Clearance Expertise

The Leading Ocean Freight Services Worldwide

We provide complete ocean shipping for containers on up to ten or twelve separate “direct” carrier contracts. Because of this, SeaSquad Shipping is able to provide different carriers with different cut-off periods, transit durations, and cost structures for each trade lane. 

Your supply chain can be completely tailored to match the required schedule for your goods, including a scaled price structure that reflects the desired turnaround time and cost to meet most transit requirements.

Do you only need to ship a portion of the container? We’ve got you covered. SeaSquad Shippingprovides weekly consolidation services to and from the more than 50 countries it serves. 

We can combine your “less than container” (LCL) shipments into a single consignee full container, even if you buy from several suppliers in a given area. This will help you save money on shipping by maximizing efficiencies.

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