Our Solutions

International Ocean/Sea Freight Services Provider in Pakistan

Sea Freight Services of International Standards

We provide a comprehensive range of international sea freight services for hundreds of ports worldwide for those shipping by water thanks to our vast international network.

In addition to providing a range of sea freight management services, we will locate the most direct routes and ideal transit times for your ocean shipment. We will also secure space for your cargo as needed.

Working with a harmonized schedule, preparing documentation for international ocean and sea shipping that won't cost you money in customs penalties, and cross-border international sea freight shipping are all areas of expertise for our international ocean and sea shipping team in Pakistan.

Custom Clearance

We ensure that your international shipping via sea and the ocean is not stopped at the border. Customs delays cost money, time, and lost output when transporting internationally by sea and ocean.

Handling of Duties

Before you begin international sea and ocean transportation, we assist you in calculating all of the expenses and documentation related to crossing borders.

Worldwide Cargo Shipping

Regulations pertaining to large international ocean and maritime cargo differ greatly. We notify you prior to the shipment.

What We Do Best

The best way to ship your cargo can be by sea freight if cost is important and timing is not of the essence. Since a normal cargo ship can hold about 18,000 containers, shipping your goods by sea is frequently the most economical option for international shipping.

How Our Sea Freight Services Can Benefit You

The advantages of using sea freight shipment are numerous. Here are the main benefits of using a marine freight solution:

  • Prices: Competitive prices on both FCL and LCL, making this a cost-effective method of shipping freight across large distances.
  • Sustainability: An eco-friendly method of international shipping for your products.
  • Global Network: Shipments to six continents are possible through logistical partners.
  • Availability: Due to a cargo ship's normal capacity, availability is frequently very good.
  • Consolidation: By using our consolidation services, you can get faster shipment times.
  • Flexibility: Trailers can be transported by sea on ro-ro cargo ships, while containers can be transported by sea.