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Consolidation Solutions by SeaSquad Shipping

Consolidating many orders into a single consigned shipment is what our shipping consolidation experts do. This saves time and money by enabling smaller businesses to benefit from bulk transportation prices.

At SeaSquad Shipping, we provide for the safe packing of goods that are less than container load into combined containers before they are loaded into vessels on time. When appropriate services aren't available, we provide alternatives by sending shipments that aren't full to hub or relay ports and scheduling container stuffing in accordance with destination deadlines.

Whether shipping or flying, we provide full cargo consolidation services that include getting you to the stuffing point, loading your container, completing your customs paperwork, and using first-class airlines or shipping services.

At SeaSquad Shipping, our port operations team carefully supervises every cargo stuffing, making sure that shipping timetables and trans-shipment relay points are followed for on-time delivery.

Sea Freight Services

For larger cargo shipments of dry or temperature-controlled items, LTL and LCL freight must be combined into complete shipments through rigorous logistics planning.


SeaSquad Shipping, a seasoned 3PL supplier, will use connections throughout its networks to guarantee on-time, in-full (OTIF) delivery by truck, rail, air, or river.

Reduce Risk & Improved Time Management

When shipping, freight damage is a serious problem. Consolidation improves security while reducing handling. Errors are decreased when there are fewer handoffs. Furthermore, reliability increases because fewer transfers reduce the possibility of errors, which results in more seamless deliveries and happier clients.

Our freight consolidation provides flexibility, quicker travel times, and shorter waiting times for small shipments. Consolidation facility storage assures prompt preparedness, which helps with inventory control and scheduling.