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Storage is a crucial service designed to safeguard goods and merchandise for extended durations. Tailoring storage solutions to meet specific sector demands is paramount, emphasizing the importance of accurately assessing business requirements. Successful warehouse management hinges on the efficient utilization of resources and the adoption of cutting-edge storage equipment customized to meet those needs. Logistic storage encompasses various types such as open, closed, and cold storage facilities, alongside bonded warehouse services tailored for international transfers. Seasquad Shipping has established itself as a premier provider in the transportation and logistics industry, boasting a decade of leadership experience.

Sector-Specific Storage Solutions Logistics storage plays a pivotal role across diverse industries, significantly impacting facets such as customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Key solutions essential fstabilized supply chain operations include:


Timely and Adequate Inventory Management Maintaining products in storage at the right time and in the right quantities is imperative for uninterrupted operations.


Pre-Shipment Preparation Ensuring products are readily available in the warehouse before shipment enhances accessibility, reducing shipping times and expediting delivery to customers.


Product Integrity and On-Time Delivery Storing and shipping products in pristine condition is vital for customer satisfaction. Delivering items accurately and promptly fosters trust and effectively meets customer demands.


Cost Reduction and Efficiency Enhancement Logistics storage serves as a critical component for distributors, manufacturers, and suppliers, driving down total operational costs and streamlining processes to improve overall efficiency.

Our Comprehensive
Storage Solutions

Seasquad offers premium logistics services backed by recent investments for enhanced customer satisfaction. With a dedicated team, we specialize in bulk mineral storage, container operations, general cargo handling, and customized free zone storage solutions.

Why Choose Seasquad for Sea Freight?

In the realm of empty container storage, our services encompass delivering suitable containers to clients, accepting and categorizing empty containers based on their condition, arranging container transport to and from ports as per requests, and providing washing, repair, and PTI services when necessary. Additionally, we offer daily, weekly, and monthly reporting services.

Regarding CFS services, we provide warehouse solutions, container loading and unloading utilizing both machinery and manual labor, comprehensive detection and inspection services, supply of in-terminal transfer vehicles, as well as lashing/unlashing and project lashing services. Furthermore, Limser extends its expertise to serving bulk product groups in the Off-Dock Terminal area.