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Continuous, real-time access to your freight, available 24/7.

Seasquad Shipping is constantly improving our secure e-business platform, offering you round-the-clock, real-time access to your freight information through Instant Quote, eBooking, and Draft BL.

Effectively oversee your freight information while on the move

by saving time through streamlined processes that eliminate the need for phone calls, establishing a direct connection with seasquad shipping, your trusted carrier. Access historical information such as Bills of Lading conveniently and enjoy enhanced visibility into shipment statuses for effective planning. Utilize exchange rates for precise shipment quoting and embrace a paperless approach with seamless access to electronic shipping documents. No installation is required as seasquad is accessible online, providing a unified platform regardless of your preferred booking channel.

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Why Choose Seasquad for Sea Freight?

Consistent Transit Timelines:
Recognizing the significance of predictability in shipping, we ensure dependable transit schedules. This reliability empowers you to plan your inventory confidently, mitigating the risks of stockouts and overstock situations.

Cutting-edge Tracking Solutions: 
Keep abreast of your shipment's progress with our state-of-the-art tracking systems. These systems offer transparency and enable you to maintain control over your sea freight operations.

Strategic Business Edge: 
Collaborating with Seasquad Shipping for your sea freight requirements provides you with a competitive advantage. By seamlessly merging cost-efficiency with top-notch service quality, we empower your business to excel in the marketplace.