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Air Freight Services From Pakistan

Leading Air Freight Services Tailored to Your Needs

Our air freight services include everything from handling changing international trade regulations to submitting the appropriate paperwork. We can handle all of your air freight needs in one convenient location.


We collaborate with numerous charter and commercial airlines worldwide as an IATA agent. This allows us to provide you with multiple options for dependable and interconnected flight schedules and itineraries.


You may transport anything to and from anywhere in the globe with our extensive global network of air freight agents. Our air freight services can help you realize your goals, whether they want to increase your reach or streamline your current operations.

Our logistics professionals tirelessly bring you air cargo options that fit your schedule and budget. Our professionals only provide you with the best, whether selecting the quickest path or the most affordable packing material.


For Your Urgent Freight, We Arrange Same-Day And Next-Day Air Freight Options

Your go-to resource for air freight broker services that can adapt to your changing demands is SeaSquad Shipping. With our extensive selection of assured, time-definite, and affordable choices, we can professionally and dependably fulfill your needs.


Depending on your specific needs, choose between transit times such as economy (general freight), overnight, or next flight out (NFO). We'll evaluate your shipment in its entirety and compare the most competitive air freight prices.


Broker Services for Air Freight

We can handle any difficulties you may have by offering creative suggestions for organizing the delivery of your cargo as well as the tools necessary to create and carry out the necessary fixes.


Our proactive customer service and tracking systems give you quick updates on the progress of your freight.

These solutions also give the customer support teams at SeaSquad Shipping the means to help the carriers maintain your shipment's timeliness and to communicate with you, the client, in real time.

Air Freight Services

Air freight offers several benefits compared to other modes of transportation, such as sea or land freight. Some of these benefits include:

Transport and Quick Air Freight Broker Services

We are committed to providing each of our esteemed clients with the greatest cargo and urgent air freight arrangements possible through the efforts of our outstanding staff.

Different companies offer different services, and SeaSquad Shipping is created differently. We understand that customers could be apprehensive about air freight services, and our customer support system is intended to dispel such worries.

What sets us apart from the typical air freight shipping company, then?

  • Our freight policy of "no giveback." We deliver the cargo once we accept it and all terms have been agreed upon. Our specialized divisions ensure that your cargo is delivered by expertly and promptly handling any issues that may arise.